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The Hidden Below Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main Menu.
Starting Position.
Encountering the first enemy.
Another enemy, and meanwhile we have found the computer that gives us the automap.
A pool of acid.
The arsenal (top left) has increased, but the life bar is dangerously low.
Around the start area of the full game, where you find the pistol.
Below. Slopes, in 1994!
The second level.
A random corridor.
Another random corridor.
As you might be able to tell. The theme in THB changes a lot.
A large open room with some strange plants
These things will always attack on sight and kill you easily in melee
Several bad guy types in THB will often ignore your presence, such as this little guy.
A random place.
Lot's of flickering lights here.
These guys nearly always ignore you. However if one becomes enraged, it will take a lot to bring down.
Sometimes you have no choice but to enrage the beast. Since he's blocking where you need to go!
The arsenal has notably increased here
Over the top ceiling?
Crate jumping
Another level, another entirely different theme.
These guys always attack on sight. Fortunately they aren't that powerful
The first boss character, though you don't have to face him