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Hocus Pocus Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening Titles
Main Menu
Hocus Pocus has a really long story
Game starts here
Cute monsters to kill
Outside looks lovely
Help section
Colorful tiles all around
Die nasty monsters!
Another cute monster
Collecting treasure
Monsters will attack you in droves
Hmm...a homicidal eskimo
Using a teleport spell saves a lot of time, as you don't have to worry about obstacles like walls and bricks
Start of level 3
Sometimes you get the impression that the game developers just ran out of ideas...
Secret treasure room
Hocus dies
Terexin and one of his extremely relevant comments
Nice background art
In case you're wondering, those are eggs they are trying to kill me with
Walking in lava kills you
Sometimes you must set switches in a certain combination before something will happen
The Mad Monks of MellanWah are bosses, of sorts
You can blow up some bricks by firing at them
I'm too young to die!!
I wonder what's up there?
Between a rock and a hard place
Hocus is introduced to the rapid fire spell
The deadly rapid fire spell in action
Time Tripping level 3 - look at the stained glass windows in the background
Shattered Worlds level 2
Shattered Worlds level 8
Warped and Weary level 5 - one of the secret treasure rooms
Warped and Weary level 9 - boss level!
Destination Home level 3
Destination Home level 5
Destination Home level 8
ANSI art logo used in the "Online Edition" (downloadable) shareware installer.
Shattered Worlds level 9 - the Tree Demons are the only bosses which can walk
Warped and Weary level 1 with colored glass-like tiles
Destination Home level 1 - and these tiles are strangely bathroom-like, perhaps because of their color...
Destination Home level 4 - notice the different kinds of Egyptian figures on the tiles