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The Horde Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Intro - classic begin of the story
Intro - Chauncey, the serving boy is too busy because a lot of guests
Intro - Kronus Maelor, the Evil High Chancellor is telling another of his windy war stories
Intro - Winthrop, the Good King dazzled by the story started to huff and hack
Intro - Chauncey saved the King and became Sir Chauncey the Brave
Shimto Plains - your first assignment.
Try to kill the enemies before they reach your village.
Each year you will have an opportunity to buy some magic items from the shop.
The map of your village.
Shimto Plains, Year 3. Building.
Tree Realm of Alburga, Year 4. Attack!
Buurzal Swamp, Year 5. Building.
Buurzal Swamp, Year 5. Attack!
Kar-Nyar Desert, Year 1. Building.
Kar-Nyar Desert, Year 6. Attack! Wimbli is here :)
Frozen Waste of Vesh, Year 7. Attack (with Rosco).
Frozen Waste of Vesh, Year 7. How not to kill snow Hordlings.
A map view of a well tamed desert.