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Hostage: Rescue Mission Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title and menu (EGA)
Hostages title screen (European release)
Stage I
Hiding in a window to avoid being seen (EGA).
You can utilize open doors to avoid being spotted (EGA).
Loading the next mission (EGA).
More men arrive by helicopter (EGA).
Snipers in position, select a unit to command (EGA).
Sniping; do I have a target? (EGA)
Scaling the side of the building (EGA).
Uh oh, mission failed! (EGA)
Title and menu (CGA)
Mission briefing (CGA)
Duck to avoid the searchlight (CGA).
Hiding in a door to avoid being seen (CGA).
Ready for the next mission? (CGA)
More men arrive by helicopter (CGA).
Sniping... (CGA)
One of my men scales the wall (CGA).
The mission failed! (CGA)
Intro (CGA)
Jump over wall (CGA)
Life lost (CGA)