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H!Zone Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Loading Heretic level HELLFURY.WAD
Beginning of HOLYWAR.WAD
Zapping beasties and wondering how to get the bonuses atop those pillars
Outta ammo, reduced to using the quarterstaff... but a promising power-up beckons
A map of the level
An opponent's evil spirit dissipates after he is slain
Putting the Dragon's Claw weapon through its paces
The next level begins waist-deep in a strong current!
Nailing an enemy with crossbow-launched Ethereal Arrows
Should I just make a run for it?
Huh... the latticework of walkways raises and lowers. Rather stray into a lava patch than fall into a pit of it!
He could avoid that happening if he'd just wash his hands every once in a while...
Things are escalating with frightening rapidity
Fortunately my arsenal improves apace
Rarely takes long to find the enemies
A key!
Starting "Purple Death"
The mosaic an under-utilised texture if ever I've seen one!
Moving on to Hexen levels, here we introduce the Vortex.
Geez, it stings!
Having pranced all around the level, I've assembled a super-weapon
A bird's-eye-view of the Vortex before moving on
Starting the first Taco Hexen level
Bonuses and power-ups are liberally strewn about
These pesky flaming gnats are everywhere
Upgrading to a ranged weapon certainly helps take care of them
Next up: the Silly Hexen WAD. You get boosted with a ranged weapon right off the bat. Isn't that silly?
Plenty of bonuses, but no enemies. Silly!
Ah, immediately following, hordes of opponents are disgorged from the walls. Silly, but not very fun.
Initiating the epic Lou1-01.wad
Going down!
This cave is getting strangely... metallic
Have you ever gotten the feeling you're being herded?
You can't quite see, but this enemy is venting his frustrations on another enemy before deigning to wipe the floor with me.
A chaos spell!
Who turned out the lights?
It's okay, I think I've got a match here somewhere...
Overhead map of Lou's level.