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Icy Metal Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Splash screen
Player name & options
Game 1 - instructions
Game 1 in progress - a falling ball, a moving magnetic torus obstacle, player moveable funnel targe
Game 1 - high score shown prior to playing.
Game 1 - score shown after a game, animation of funnels closing.
Game 1 - funnels closed.
Game 2 - instructions
Game 2 - independent vertically moving funnels, player controlled ball
Game 2 - ball moving right toward funnel, a point is soon scored.
Game 3 - instructions
Game 3 - independently moving toruses, player controlled funnel with ball inside.
Game 3 - ball just launched, some graphics anomalies in funnel.when launched, the ball will keep bouncing until hitting a torus.
Ending game
Shareware message after the game ends.