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Impossible Mission II Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Running through the corridors
Searching objects
Elvin's pictures are everywhere
Lots of different robots and machinery
A computer terminal
title screen - MCGA/VGA
in the elevator - MCGA/VGA
searching a room - MCGA/VGA
more rooms - MCGA/VGA
title screen - CGA
searching a room - CGA
locked door between towers - CGA
in hallway - CGA
Figure out the number code to gain access to the next tower. (MCGA / VGA)
Tape recorder puzzle. Gather all 6 pieces of music to gain access to Elvin's control room. (MCGA / VGA)
Elvin has two motorcycles in this room. (MCGA / VGA)
Some of Elvin's cars. (MCGA / VGA)
A dark room - you'll have to find a way to get the lights on. (MCGA / VGA)
High score table. (MCGA / VGA)