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The Incredible Machine Credits

27 people


ProducerJeffrey Tunnell
DesignKevin Ryan, Jeffrey Tunnell
ProgrammingKevin Ryan
Art DirectorBrian Hahn
Graphics / ArtworkDennis Clevenger
PuzzlomaniacsKevin Ryan, Richard Tunnell, Matt Unre
MusicChristopher Stevens
Sound EffectsChristopher Stevens
PlaytestingJan Carpenter, Jeanne Rubinstein
Mac ProgrammerGlenn Sugden
Windows ProgrammerBruce Von Kugelgen
Mac / Windows ArtistsNina C. Gentule, Mike Hales, Michael P. Kennedy
Mac MusicMatt Bernardo, Joey Edelman
Windows SoundMatt Bernardo, Beth Michaels
Windows MusicMatt Bernardo, Beth Michaels
Manual WritingShawn Bird, Richard Tunnell, Michael Waite, Bob Lindstrom
Manual PhotosDale Tendick, Barbara Ray
Manual Production / DesignShawn Bird, Jenny Gray
German Project LeadNorman Nelson
German TranslationElfie Friedrichs
German ProgrammingSteve VanDevender
French Project LeadNorman Nelson
French TranslationAgn├Ęs Massion
French ProgrammingSteve VanDevender

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Credits for this game were contributed by Clayton Cushman (205), Xoleras (66593) and formercontrib (158613)

antstream tournament