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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis: The Action Game Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen.
The game's intro story is told in comic book like panels. Looks like the man with the hat is back!
Comic book intro: Indy looks at a strange statue.
Comic book intro: Indy gets knocked out!
Comic book intro: The Nazi agent steals the statue!
Comic book intro: Kerner and Doctor Ubermann, two Nazi thugs, look over the statue.
Comic book intro: Ubermann puts an orichalcum bead in the statue's mouth.
Comic book intro: Look at that statue go!
Comic book intro: Indy and Sophia buy tickets to Monte Carlo.
Comic book intro: Indy and Sophia arrive.
Game credits.
Setting up the keyboard controls.
Now, what?
Level 1: The casino.
My name is Jones, Dr. Jones.
Sophia, the Blondie...
Level 1 - talking with Trottier
Level 1 - Sophia
Game Over!
Level 2 - the Nazi Naval base
Level 2 - In a building
Level 2 - looking around
Level 2 - look
Level 3 - Get on the sub!
Level 4 - the sub
Level 4 - secret lab
Level 4 - Indy whips a Nazi!
Level 5 - the island
Level 5 - Hi, I'm looking for Atlantis
Level 5 - meeting with the village chief.
Level 5 - In a hut.
Level 5 - What's in here?
Level 6 - Onto Atlantis!
Level 6 - going down?
Level 6 - Atlantis stairway
Level 6 - Inner Atlantis!
Level 6 - Let's go!
Title screen (EGA)
Intro to level one (EGA)
Starting level one (EGA)