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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Action Game Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Intro to the first section
Searching for the cross
Climbing a rope
Leaving the caves.
Young Indy on top of the circus train.
Level 1 - A torch is nearby.
Level 1 - Exploring the caverns to find the Cross of Coronado. Watch out for the grave robbers.
Level 1 - On top of the train. A giraffe pokes its head out of the train car.
End of the first level.
Look Up Copy protection. Look up the code and then go through the right door.
Level 2 - The Ascent of Castle Brunwald
Level 2 - Start of the Venice Catacombs.
Level 2 - Watch out for the flame balls dropping from the ceiling.
Level 2 - Indy climbs a rope down further into the catacombs.
Level 2 - This atmosphere of the catacombs can be gloomy as one would aspect.
Level 2 - On a ledge.
Level 2 - Oh rats...
Level 2 - Indy falls into a pit full of bones.
Level 2 - The shield is the second marker to the Holy Grail!
Level 2 - Climbing up the walls of Castle Brunwald.
Level 2 - On a castle window ledge.
Level 2 - Climbing up a lattice.
Level 2 - Swinging with Indy's whip!
Level 3 - On Board the Zeppelin
Level 3 - Starting off on the Zeppelin
Level 3 - A Nazi guard!
Level 3 - Climbing a ladder.
Level 3 - Achtung!
Level 3 - At the front of the zeppelin.
Level 3 - Table and chairs.
Level 4 - The Holy Grail
Level 4 - The start of the Grail temple
Level 4 - Ledges
Level 4 - Arches
Level 4 - The Holy Grail- The Second Trial - The Word of God
Level 4 - Watch out for booby traps!
Level 4 - The Holy Grail, Doctor Jones!