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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure Credits

43 people (41 developers, 2 thanks)


DesignNoah Falstein, David Fox, Ron Gilbert
Interpreter / Development SystemRon Gilbert, Aric Wilmunder
Graphics / ArtworkMartin Cameron, James Alexander Dollar, Mike Ebert, James McLeod, Steve Purcell
Music and Sound Effects (Adlib)Eric Hammond
Music and Sound Effects (IBM and Tandy)David Hayes, David Warhol
Original ScoreJohn T. Williams
256 Color System ConversionRon Baldwin, Aric Wilmunder
Lead PlaytestersKirk Roulston, Judith Lucero
Additional PlaytestingTim August, Bret Barrett, Chris Bollini, Jessica Fox, Seth Friedman, Jon Gubman, Tony Hsieh, Rachel Larris, Darrell Parker, Bill Stanton, Kalani Streicher, Ezra Palmer-Persen
Additional ScriptingKalani Streicher
Additional ArtworkMartin Cameron
Whip ResearchSteve Purcell
Nazi Trivia ResearchMartin Cameron
Research ResearchJoseph Donaldson
Telegram ResearchJanet Silk
Margarita ImbiberBrian Moriarty
PC HandlerJames Wood
Font WranglerF. Randall Farmer
Artist TamerGary Winnick
Based on an Original Story byGeorge Lucas, Menno Meyjies
Based on an Original Screenplay byJeffrey Boam
German VersionBoris Schneider-Johne
Special thanks toSteven Spielberg
Extra special thanks toGeorge Lucas

Henry Jones' Grail Diary

Written byMark Falstein
Art Direction byMark Shepard
Hand Lettering and Maps byJayne Osgood
Illustrated bySteve Purcell

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Credits for this game were contributed by IJan (1990), Terok Nor (29311), Boris Schneider-Johne (8) and Foxhack (30208)

antstream tournament