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Inner Worlds Credits

44 people

Sleepless IDT #1 Team Members

Project Manager and humble leader of this eclectic band of cybergypsies. Principal game designer. Principal artist. Principal mapper. General programming.Joe Hitchens (Salt Lake City; Utah; USA)
Head Programmer. Bryan is primarily responsible for the core graphics engine used in Inner Worlds (CLAWS) as well as the programming of the most important components of the system.Bryan Ford (Salt Lake City; Utah; USA [Without Bryan this project could never have been started; could never have been finished and could never have been the superbly innovative and successful game that it is.])
George has been one of the most valuable programmers on the team. He holds the distinction of being one of only a tiny few who have beheld the CLAWS and not gone mad in the experience. Guardian of Colleen's chastity. He brought The Claws to life.George Hoffman (Woodlynne; New Jersey; USA)
Jürgen's enthusiasm has helped us all through the toughest parts of the project and for that we all owe him our thanks. Preserver of worlds. Freezer of time. Master Mapper. Keeper of the lost Ghibli. Jürgen Quade (Munich; Germany)
An artist of unappreciated talents. Much of the artwork in Inner Worlds is the work of this guy. Skrog, Bocha, Boonta, Skiver, Big Eye, Big Bat and that groovy blue GRALOB! Lots of work on many of Nikita's animations. Heinee Hinrichsen (Sandy; Utah; USA)
Our own private sound man. Craig's contribution is in the form of a superb quality custom music and sound effects driver. It actually works pretty dang good!Craig Peeper (Sun Prairie; Wisconsin; USA)
Normunds discovered the seltzer of life and brought it to the rest of us. The first to see Nikita transform into a wolf. Planter and caretaker of the Mana Tree. Sound effects too!Normunds Saumanis (Riga; Latvia)
Brent created the crystal hammer. He brought life to Ibu the owldog. Stunned some monsters. Made some sound effects. Brent invented ** THE BOMB **. ...and now he's a daddy! Brent Johnson (Stow; Ohio; USA)
Other end of the world, but always present. Mick has been one of the most prolific members of the team. Always present on the mailing list and helpful in many ways. Always a day ahead of everyone else. Veteran Nikky mechanic.Mick Barry (Sydney; Australia)
István has been with us from the start. He made a nest of bugs, a hideous skrog, the lightweight gift for Nikita and the Gralob's brain. István Markó (Eugene; Oregon; USA)
Eric is a palette manipulator extraordinaire. The light and color wizard for Inner Worlds. He also built the first pager. Eric Moon (Seattle; Washington; USA)

Level Design - Episode I "Wizard's World"

"Trapped in the Dungeon"Joe Hitchens
"Laboratory of Evil"Joe Hitchens
"Crystal Caverns"Joe Hitchens
"Storage Cove"Joe Hitchens
"Echoing Halls"Joe Hitchens, Zachary Girouard
"Gallery of Death"Joe Hitchens
"Doomsday Corridor"Jürgen Quade
"Abandoned Village"Jürgen Quade
"Face-off with the Gralob"Joe Hitchens

Level Design - Episode II "World of Change"

"Descent into the Cruel Swamp"Joe Hitchens
"Mushroom Forest"Lorena Hitchens, Joe Hitchens
"Horrible Harpy Hangout"Lorena Hitchens, Joe Hitchens
"Blue Forest"Joe Hitchens
"River Palace"Joe Hitchens
"The TARC-Pit"Joe Hitchens
"The Sun Caves"Joe Hitchens
"Underground Kingdom"Joe Hitchens
"Battle with the Boonta"Joe Hitchens

Level Design - Episode III "Heart of the World"

"Entry by Fire" Shon Love, Joe Hitchens
"The Vent"Joe Hitchens, Lorena Hitchens
"Slave Building" Joe Hitchens
"Spider House"Bryan Ford, Lorena Hitchens
"Caverns of Souls"Joe Hitchens
"Death in the Dark"Joe Hitchens
"Friends of the Family"Eric Dreibelbis
"Destiny is Near"Joe Hitchens
"Nikita's Destiny"Jürgen Quade


MusicTo create the music for Inner Worlds we held a contest on the internet., We offered $100 for all of the songs that we chose to put in the game plus $1000 for the first place winner., People from all over the planet sent in their songs and we thank them all for doing so., Here are the winners ...
$1000 Contest winner! - "Unplugged" also "endlvl2", "hinrg.mod"Daniel Hansson (Sweden)
"Get Into It", "Wasteland 1", "In Harmony", "Joy of Victory", "Eclypse"Nikola Fox (aka Juice; Croatia)
"On a Rainy Day", "Exploring Time"Michiel Helsloot (aka MiG; The Netherlands)
"Bad Blood"Rasto Skultety (Slovakia)
"Endless Enigma", "Travellers' Tales", "Movement"Rob Wells (Australia)
"Fantasy 4"Paul Schmelzenbach (USA)
"Rain"Pasi Tervonen (aka SmiL; Finland)

Other Contributors

Other ContributorsThis is a list of others who have contributed in some way to the completion of Inner Worlds.
Peter, Glen, Russ, Kevin, Tim, Andy, Joshua, et all. Publishing assistance. Artwork, mapping, playtesting. Expert consulting. Design criticism.Semilogic Entertainments - Palo Cedro; California; USA
These guys made many, many excellent sound effects for Inner Worlds! PENTATONE Musikproduktion - Münster; Germany
Joe's beloved sister. Mapping, playtesting, and generous helpings of emotional support.Lorena Hitchens (Salt Lake City; Utah; USA)
Joe's big brother. C++ Paramedic. Nikita who? Ron Hitchens (Salt Lake City; Utah; USA)
Wolf expert. Ken supplied drawings of a wolf in various poses so that Joe could render Nikita's wolf-form animations accurately and relistically. Also, any talent Joe Hitchens has as an artist is due mostly to Ken. J. Kenneth Allein (Salt Lake City; Utah; USA)
Mapping. Eric Dreibelbis (Port Trevorton; Pennsylvania; USA)
Cleaning and "Tweening" the large Nikita anims. Allen Taylor (Cygnus Multimedia - Pleasant Grove; Utah; USA)
Publishing assistance.Clyde Grossman (California; USA)
Miscellaneous artwork including those cool round tunnel graphicsLorin Nelson (Salt Lake City; Utah; USA)
Playtesting and taking Bryan to the symphony to prevent his brain from melting.Sunghee Kim (aka Sunny - Salt Lake City; Utah; USA)
Playtesting. Alexander Bormann (Munich; Germany), Les Carpenter (Southwick; Massachusetts; USA), Barb Carpenter (Southwick; Massachusetts; USA), Uwe Mayer (Providence; Rhode Island; USA), Michael Mächtel (Munich; Germany)
Human<->Wolf transformation sound. (It's so cool!)Christian Holtje (Champaign; Illinois; USA)
Design discussions on the mailing list. Jason Venner (Berkeley; California; USA)
Mapping.Zachary Girouard (Lafayette; Louisiana; USA), Shon Love (Salt Lake City; Utah; USA)
Design discussion.Nemosoft - Rotterdam; The Netherlands
Special last minute assistance of a top-secret nature which allowed Joe to complete the game.Special Agent Spence Watson - Salt Lake City; Utah; USA

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