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Written by  :  Accatone (5313)
Written on  :  Jun 15, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars4.25 Stars

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I missed the hours I spent playing "Into The Eagle's Nest"...

The Good

I guess "Eagle's Nest" was one of the first computer games I had ever played. It was a lovely memory and I still miss the game very, very much. I even can't help myself thinking about our nostalgia everytime I look at its screenshots section here. Unfortunately there are only three screenshots and you see them in more than 4 color in EGA resolution...

The one I played was the CGA version (maybe we played it in CGA because of our old monochrome pal, I don't know really) and I guess I would choose to go on playing at that resolution again if I had the chance to play the game. Never mind, why I am telling you all this stuff anyway? Doesn't it seem absurd?

Did you know that because of its top-down gameplay (and maybe also because of their resemblance of a "cute" car!) I always assumed the soldiers in the game as "cute" cars!! What a story, ha? Ha ha?

Well for me, before ID's masterpiece "Wolfenstein 3D", there was only "Into The Eagle's Nest". I played it lots of times until I found myself totally lost in one of its levels as I exactly would lose myself again in Raven's Cyclones later!!

The Bad

If you know how to find your way through the levels, I guess you will have no problem with the game.

The Bottom Line

I wish I could play it again with the same excitement... But that was in the past, and I guess it should stay there forever.

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