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Written by  :  Cesar Saez (6)
Written on  :  Dec 29, 2002

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Great game, hard to find!

The Good

The pro's of this game are :
- Gameplay (turn-based) is simple, intuitive, easy to learn yet not too easy.
- Graphics are simple yet very likeable, and the animations give it just that little bit of extra jazz.
- The AI is pretty well-balanced... you won't find yourself up against a mastermind, but neither an enemy that simply tries to outnumber and rush you...
- Sounds are adequate for their purpose, and personally I even liked the sounds....
Every facility had it's own noises... from the bubbling sounds in the research facility/laboratory to the clanking of hammers and other related sounds in the factories... there was even some humor in the sounds.
- Replayability : A high replayability-factor due to the humor, and the fact that every time the galaxy changes..
Overall the game left a solid, decent impression.... or at least the demo did.... I've been looking for this game for the past 5 years, to no avail... not in shops, not on auction-sites.... and more recently not on abandonware-sites.... it would appear that history has planned to let this gem sink away into the sands of times unnoticed.

The Bad

The con's of this game : Well, it's a good game.... but let's be critical about it, for objectivity's sake...

- Though this didn't happen to me personally, I can imagine someone finding the sounds and graphics repetitive.

- Exploration interface : The interface used to switch to the exploration screen (or actually, the exploration screen itself) could've been integrated a bit better into the other options. For example, in Pax Imperia one simply clicked a wormhole or a location on a starmap.

In this game, one is taken into a separate screen where one has to scroll through solarsystems, and without some experience in using this screen a player could get lost.... though it feels pretty natural once you see the logic behind it and get the feel of it.

- AI could've been just a bit spicier.... in the demo, the AI was not bad... but it could've been just a bit more of a challenge. This was however compensated by having to deal with some random events like security-teams getting lost... but again, these, too, could've been a bit more spicier and use some more variety.

The Bottom Line

Decent, solid, enjoyable, replayable, hard to find. Even contacting the company itself didn't have the desired effect of at least finding out where I might be able to purchase it.

The e-bay link on Mobygames doesn't work, Amazon only has a book from the startrek-series that shares the same title, well, to cut things short : I've been looking for this game for 5 years, and still nothing!