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Iron Seed DOS Title Screen


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Iron Seed Credits

17 people

Core Team

Code MasterRobert W. Morgan III
World DesignJeremy Holt

Sound Team

SoundtrackAndrew G. Sega (Necros of the Psychic Monks)
Sound CodeOtto Chrons
Sound EffectsRobert W. Morgan III

Graphics Art Team

InterfaceJeremy Holt
AliensP. J. Beachem
ScavengersChris Tallent

Design Assistants

BabbleChris P. Cash
Rocks and MineralsScott Davis
PlanetologistJeff Smith
Jeff's SidekickAlex Boster

Writing Team

ConversationsJeremy Holt
Maniacal PlottingJeff Smith

Documentation Team

PunctuationAlfredo Withemstoe
Dangling ParticipleMike Botts

Quality Assurance Team

Fanatic DevoteesMike Matheny, P. J. Beachem, Jeff Smith, Alex Boster, Amy Butler, Ben Vandergrift, Those other weird guys

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Credits for this game were contributed by karynax (9)