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Isaac Asimov: Science Adventure Credits


TextIsaac Asimov
ArchitectureFernando Echeverria
Software EngineeringFernando Echeverria, Dan Kegel, Kirk Reinholtz, Larry Gross
Produced byBill Gross, Brad Haugaard
DocumentationAndrea Hill
Graphic DesignArt of Stone[Studio City - CA], Orenstein Savage[Sherman Oaks - CA]
PackagingArt of Stone[Studio City - CA], Orenstein Savage[Sherman Oaks - CA]
Technical ConsultantThomas R. McDonough (credited as Dr. Thomas R. McDonough), Caltech
Special Thanks toMartin Weaver (of Harper Collins), David Gobel
Photographs Kindly Provided or Licensed byPeter Arnold, ATT, Bettmann, Steven Chadima (credited as Steve Chadima), Chicago Historical Society, Department of Energy, Goodyear, Grumman Corp, Kenneth Jones (credited as Dr. Kenneth Jones), JPL, Bill Gross, Larry Gross, Lockheed, Photographic Travel Treasures 213-476-5622, Monsanto, NASA, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Olin Peter, Marita Camille Pezman, Arnold Phizer, Photo Researchers Inc., Science Source, Schlumberger, Texas Instruments, Thomas R. McDonough, Unisys, University of Chicago, US Post Office, Weyerhaeuser, Michael Wong

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