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Isle of the Dead Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Logo (CD-ROM version)
FPS component - very rough even for its day
Map view (for the FPS component)
Your first look at the point & click system: Inside the crash-landed plane, looking for any items.
Point and click view - crash site (look for weapons here).
Somebody left a shotgun on this forgotten beach.
Armed with a shotgun, facing off against a zombie.
Dead zombies crawls out fast from the ground.
Game over in the worst way -- zombie feast
This dude evidently doesn't want to talk to me.
I have just discovered an old abandoned rifle.
Don't take the rifle without deactivating the bomb.
Game over in the unlucky way -- exploding rifle
Let's take some ammunition and ripe bananas.
Seemingly a cute boy but he's very dangerous.
Game over in the better way -- catch in a trap.
Looks like there is an entrance to the cave.
Inside the cave occupied by hordes of bats.
Game over in the horrible way -- bat's bite
Looking into the eyes of bloodthirsty creature.
A green liane could be easily used to climb up.
Successful liquidation of the headless zombie
Checking the good condition of my faithful shotgun.
Two native guards using their own language.
I'm trying to figure out who is more surprised...
The village shaman is missing his dear daughter.
Day was replaced by night of the living dead.
Crazy native beating constantly on the drums.
Sorry, wrong door - I'm searching for the toilet.
The village chief is giving to me his sacred amulet.
Authors of the game hidden inside one house.
The inventory that contains various items and guns.
Leaving the game results in hero's suicide.
Now, dead is rally dead
Zombie horde
Kill fat-man, get the ammo
"Female" zombie with support
Zombie gets bananas