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Isle Wars Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen
There are two configuration questions at the start of a game. The first sets the difficulty level, the second the number of armies that can be in each country
After the player answers the game configuration questions the game allocates armies to countries and countries to players
The 'board' has been set, the game is now ready to be played
At the start of each player's turn the game counts the countries held and awards an appropriate number of armies which can be placed in any country or countries
Having placed their armies the player now decides what move to make.
Here the player is launching an attack. An attack consists of a number of turns each initiated by clicking on the big red ATTACK buton
As the play progresses the successful player is awarded bonus cards
The final move of the game. When the game is over a very small window pops up saying, in this case, "Blue Wins!!!" and then it very quickly disappears
When a game is complete the game statistics are shown
After the game stats have been shown the player gets to see the 'You Won' plaque again and is offered the chance of anothergame
The game is shareware so, on exit, there's a couple of nag screens