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It Came from the Desert Credits


DesignDavid Riordan
ProgrammingRandy Platt
Additional ProgrammingTom McWilliams
Libraries / UtilitiesRichard S. Levine
Graphics / ArtworkJeff Godfrey, Jeffrey Hilbers
MusicGreg Haggard, Jim Simmons
ProductionBeverly Needham
DocumentationJerry Albright, Bernard Whang
Executive ProducerPhyllis Jacob, Robert Jacob
ProducerPatrick Cook
DirectorDavid Riordan
Writing / Dialogue / StoryKenneth Melville
UndeterminedChris Caracci, James R. Haldy, Matt Kazanowski, James Maxwell, Susan J. Morris, Greg Santo, Gary Saylor, Bernard Whang

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trixter (9122)