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It Came from the Desert Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The Title Screen. What, no Explod-O-Vision?
Chatting with the Ol' Prospector
Welcome to Lizard Breath, a quite little town in for a big surprise
Your faithful sidekick Biff
Dusty, who "isn't" your girlfriend if you know what I mean
Meet Billy Bob Morse, the local megalomaniac (every town's gotta have one)
I tell you what, if my kid daughter starts talking to our TV and getting calls on her toy phone, THEN I'll start to worry
Poltergeists, smoltergeists. Try 50 foot giant ants!
Face to mandible with a mutant
More creatures appear. Lucky, small town geologists always pack a few grenades for such occurances
Um... hi there. Er... Klaatu Berada Nikto?
Escaping from the hospital
Jackie Monroe, who by simply appear has just added a -13 to our PG rating
See what I mean?
Dr. H.G. Wells, your window to the world of ants
The mayor of our fair town. A real gerbil.
This just keeps getting better and better
Playing "Chicken" with the local thug squad
Settlin' things the ol' West way
The tactical map
This is WAR people!
Dive bombing the mutant ant nest. Hey, anybody see Clint Eastwood?
Battling through the ant nest with your trusty flamethrower
Talking to a farmer.
Hospital escape: The exit door is in sight!
Calling Dusty on the phone.
Bert, the sleazy reporter.
Meeting with Dusty.
A wrecked car in the desert.
Your neighbor drops by.
The quarry.
The Prospector's map.
Ice and his goons.
Police station.
Looks like someone hasn't had their morning coffee yet...
National guard.
Losing... Giant ants take over the town.