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Jagged Alliance Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Sir-Tech company logo
Main Menu
Game Intro
Explore your HQ site!!!
The Metavira map, where you position guards and tappers, and pick your next fight.
Enemies ahead! Take cover behind trees and aim your weapons.
Aiming weapons.
Grenades can be very useful for indoor battles.
The map of a sector.
As your soldier of fortune has some action points left, he can interrupt the enemies' turn.
Picking a lock.
Crates contain useful items and ammunition.
The inventory screen.
Oops! A booby-trapped crate explodes...
Tending to a soldier's wounds.
Minefields are extremely dangerous, unless you have a metal detector. The blue flags mark the mines for your companions.
After we blew a hole into the wall and climbed through, an enemy soldier attacks with a knife.
Death by drowning.
Heavy fire at a lovely bay.
Some characters have their own will. Leech for example won't follow orders once he has focused on a certain enemy.
A manufacturing plant blows up.
After each mission, the soldiers' talents improve.