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JetFighter: Full Burn Credits

81 people (74 developers, 7 thanks)


Executive ProducersRyan Ashley Brant, Mark E. Seremet, Thomas Ptak
Simulator Design and ProgramRobert Dinnerman
ProducersTom Rigas, Matthew M. Harmon, Don Dillinger, Christopher Short, Scott Slater, Dan Kaufman
Assistant ProducerPatrick Freeman
ProgrammingRobert Dinnerman, Matthew M. Harmon, Chuck Husa, Michael Woodley, Greg Brown, Christopher Short, Dan Kaufman, Glenn A. Dill
Game DesignTom Rigas, Don Dillinger, Patrick Freeman
Mission DesignMark E. Seremet, Don Dillinger, Scott D. Shust, Tom Rigas, Robert P. Whitney
ScreenplayPatrick Freeman
Lead Video CompositorHenry Borrasso
Video CompositingMark Shahan, Allan Stallard, Devon Taylor
Art - Texture MapsRobert P. Whitney, Dan Kaufman, Brian Boudreau
Art - 3D ModelsRobert Dinnerman, Brian Boudreau, Dan Kaufman, Phil Robb, Terry Smith, Gary Oliverio, Jeffrey Styers, Pamela Ansman-Wolfe, Pavle Kovacic
Art Director - Cinematics, Virtual Environment, and In-Game AssetsJames Dargie
Lead ArtistJames Dargie
3D Environments and AnimationTerry Smith, Joel Ishler, Shane White, Jack Snyder, Ed Medors, Troy Paradise, Jodi DeGeorge, Cef Grima, Phil Robb, Jeffrey Styers, Geoff Weber, Rob Triffanoff, Gabe Garrison, Shawn Sullivan, Ben Zehner, Megan Crummer, Pamela Ansman-Wolfe, Gary Oliverio
Surface Texture MapsMegan Crummer, Ben Zehner
Game Interface ArtPhil Robb, Jeffrey Styers, Pamela Ansman-Wolfe, Gary Oliverio, James Dargie, Chuck Husa
MusicMichael Bross (of Sound Planet)
Sound DesignMichael Goodis
Encyclopedia TextBill Sweetman
Manual WritersSteve Glasstetter, Don Dillinger, Jeffrey Anderson, Scott Slater, Matthew M. Harmon, Tom Philbin, Robert P. Whitney, Patrick Freeman
Manual Layout / DesignGregory Fedorev, Chas. M. Henry Printing Co.
Package Layout/DesignMarsha Rollinger
Director of Quality AssuranceScott D. Shust
Quality Assurance TeamRay Taylor, Tim Bumar, Layne Burd, Larry Rich, Rich Lewis, Dan Kaufman, Matthew M. Harmon, Robert P. Whitney, Scott Slater, Michael Woodley, Thomas Ptak, Brian Boudreau, Roger Ray
Production CoordinatorTammy Flanders
Flight Dynamic ResearchRoger Ray
Director of Qualiy Assurance / InterplayChad Allison
Quality Assurance ManagersSteve Victory, Colin Totman
QA project SupervisorGreg Baumeister
TestersEdward Hyland, Dennis Presnell, Danny Martinez, Monica Vallejo, Christopher Jones
QA Technical ManagerFrank Pimentel
QA TechniciansBill Delk, Christian D. Peak, Steve Cabiness
ProducerEric DeMilt
Line ProducerDouglas W. Avery
Affiliate Label CoordinatorBetsi Gijanto
Thanks to the following organizationsRAD Software, Human Machine Interfaces, NOAA
Special ThanksCarolyn Wahl, Rick Hall, Mike Snyder, Rebecca Piazza

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dr Necessiter (195) and Jeanne (76362)