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JetFighter II: Advanced Tactical Fighter Credits

12 people


Game Design and Software DevelopmentRobert Dinnerman (of RD Technologies)
Additional Game Design and Software DevelopmentMatthew M. Harmon
Additional Game DesignMoses Ma
Technical DirectionThomas Ptak
PC-Sound EffectsDavid Warhol
Adlib-Sound EffectsEric Hammond
Production CoordinationMike Allaire
Quality AssuranceRobert P. Whitney
Reference Manual AuthorsMatthew M. Harmon, Moses Ma
Manual Art, Design and LayoutNina Markman Design
Production, Sales and MarketingMichael Allaire, Stewart Sheffield
Spanish translationRandall Mage

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Credits for this game were contributed by Dr Necessiter (195), Randall Mage (120) and formercontrib (158437)