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JetFighter II: Advanced Tactical Fighter Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Airplane / armament screen
Mission description.
In the cockpit
Checking six.
F-22 exterior
F-22 gear down
F-18 Buzzing the Transamerica Building
F-14 exterior
The F-14's wings automatically sweep at high speeds.
F-18 buzzing the Golden Gate bridge.
F-16 buzzing downtown.
Screaming along in the YF-23.
The underbelly of the F-14. The red line is the arresting hook.
Carrier landing in the F-14.
Snagged the 3-wire!
Rear view from the F-14.
Departing the carrier in the F/A-18.
Target locked - firing!
Splash one bandit!
Attacking a ground target.
Punched out over the ocean.