JetFighter III Credits


Simulator Design and ProgramRobert Dinnerman (of R.D. Technologies)
Executive ProducerThomas Ptak
DirectorMatthew M. Harmon
ProducerScott Slater
Associate ProducersDan Kaufman, Eric DeMilt (of Interplay Productions)
Mission DesignDan Kaufman, Scott Slater, Brian Boudreau, Tom Philbin
ProgrammingThomas Ptak, Robert Dinnerman, Matthew M. Harmon, Michael Woodley, Dan Kaufman, Brian Boudreau
PackageThomas Ptak, Scott Slater, Gregory Fedorev (of Conflux Design)
Reference ManualScott Slater, Matthew M. Harmon, Jeffrey Anderson, Tom Philbin, Robert P. Whitney, Gregory Fedorev
Quality AssuranceDan Kaufman, Matthew M. Harmon, Tom Philbin, Robert P. Whitney, Scott Slater, Michael Woodley, Thomas Ptak, Brian Boudreau, Roger Ray, Interplay QA department
Art DirectionThomas Ptak, Matthew M. Harmon
Texture MapsPeter Tishma (of Papa Tango), Robert P. Whitney, Dan Kaufman, Brian Boudreau
Lead 3D AnimatorRaymond Leuders (of Platinium Pictures Multimedia Inc.)
Additional 3D AnimationRobert P. Whitney
3D ModelsRobert Dinnerman, Brian Boudreau, Dan Kaufman
Thanks ToWilliam C. Digiacomo (DJ), Rebecca Piazza, Bert Kinzey, Brella Productions, Jeffrey Rhodes (of Lockheed), Jodee Fuentes (of Dimensional Services), Clif Crowder (of Dimensional Services)
Flight Dynamic ResearchRoger Ray
MusicMichael Cihak
Sound EffectsMichael Cihak
Additional Thanks ToBrian Fargo, Phil Adam, Chuck Camps, Carol Lane, Betsi Gijanto (of Interplay Productions), Tamara Johnston (of Interplay Productions)
Video Newscaster / Sim VoicesLaura Witek, Matthew M. Harmon
Encyclopedia TextBill Sweetman
Game DesignRobert Dinnerman, Matthew M. Harmon, Dan Kaufman, Thomas Ptak, Michael Woodley, Scott Slater, Robert P. Whitney, Brian Boudreau
Additional Marketing SupportThomas Herskovits, Andrew Wyant
Special Thanks ToSharon, Mary, Rebecca, Alice, Tammy, Jill, Erin, Susan, Jennifer, Mike, Michelle

German version

DirectorMarkus Ludolf
TranslationBernd Heuckendorf, Oliver Jörg, Markus Ludolf, Norbert Gürich, Andre Dorfmüller
ManualBernd Heuckendorf, Oliver Jörg, Markus Ludolf
CastMartina Dräger (board computer), Axel Ludwig (wingman), Christian Schramm (commander)
Voice directorChristian Schneider
Voice coordinationChristian Schneider
StudioG&G Studios Kaarst
Product managerPetra Orlovius
Product logisticsAnja Stromer
Copy editingAnnette Janke
LayoutCord Steinbüchel, Andreas Otte
Fine drawingCord Steinbüchel, Andreas Otte
ExposureZero Kommunikations GmbH
PrintingLippert Druck & Verlag

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