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JetFighter: The Adventure Credits


Game DesignRobert Dinnerman, Moses Ma
Software DevelopmentRobert Dinnerman
Project ManagementMoses Ma
Technical DirectionThomas Ptak
Flight Operations ConsultingJim Cain (Capt./US Navy retired), Barrett Tillman
Sound SoftwareDavid Warhol
Music SoftwareDavid Warhol
Manual CopyMike Baron, Tim Worrall, Moses Ma
Manual DesignMark Bennett (of Documenting Technologies)
Manual LayoutMark Bennett (of Documenting Technologies)
Manual ArtMark Bennett (of Documenting Technologies)
Package DesignThe Design Office of Wong and Yeo
Package ArtChris Kirby
Additional ArtErol Otus
Special Thanks ToMike Allaire, Brian Arthur, Douglas C. Carlston, Gary Carlston, Janine Cook, Greg Johnson, Charles Kay (Dr.), George Lee (Dr.), Tim Lee, Paul Reiche III, Mike Sherman (Capt./USN), Doug Fuse (Lt./USN), Glenn Sigler (Lt./USN)
Dedicated ToKatherine Fintzy, Sharon Goldman, Mary Ptak

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Credits for this game were contributed by Zeikman (3496)