JetFighter: The Adventure Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Original Title Screen
Title screen
Flying Between Buildings
Formation Flying with a B-727
Bogey Sighted on Map Screen
Missile Approaching Bogey
Direct Hit!
Buzzing the Tower at Max Afterburner
Coming in for a Carrier Landing...and Probably a Court Martial
Video mode select to run game
Title screen (CGA)
Title screen (1988)
Enter your call sign
Select menu (CGA)
Select menu
Combat performance record (CGA)
Combat performance record
Main keyboard control (CGA)
Main keyboard control
version information
Setup for free Flight
View of F-15 (CGA)
Ready for takeoff from airbase (CGA)
Ready for takeoff from carrier
Ready for takeoff from airbase
View of F-18
Training 2 Directions (CGA)
Training 3 Directions
Weather Stat (CGA)
F-16 Take off
Enemy fighter hit by sidewinder
Runway Strike
Bailed out
Take off from carrier
Under the radar
Performance card
Tower view