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Jetstrike Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The title screen.
The game has a series of training missions.
The missions have considerable variety.
The game sports a wide variety of modern and archaic aircraft.
They range from aeroplanes to helicopters to jets...
... and even to hang-gliders and dragons!
The airstrip on a training mission.
A cargo helicopter -- not very maneuverable.
Dogfighting; your range of view is very limited.
You can face multiple AI planes.
We've taken damage, but we've got a missile lock-on to the enemy plane.
Taking the dragon out for a spin in the fog.
A dragon facing a fighter jet? It's possible in Jetstrike.
Taking off on a night "spy drop" mission.
Missions like this require you simply to fly over the target zone, drop the agent and return for landing.
In-flight refueling.
A naval attack mission; the jet here is firing missiles at boats.
The missiles automatically target the nearest enemy and turn very sharply.
The explosion art and animation is decent.
Landing in the fog after completing a mission.
Completing the training missions earns you this cutesy certificate.
The game's combat mission series is, of course, more involved.
Some missions involve simple reconnaissance photography.
Even on non-combat missions, you often face AA gunfire.s
Crashing and burning.
Your parachute almost always launches; even if it is when you hit the ground.
When you crash, you are "rewarded" with in-game commentary.
Launching a hang-glider -- a very nice touch.
A plane takes you up to high altitude and then you're on your own.
The "Aerolympics" section of the game, which is basically competitive airshow play.
Aerolympics game setup; multiplayer is alternating hotseat, NOT simultaneous. (In other words, you take turns.)
The airshow is colorfully decorated.
The decor will be familiar to those who have been at airshows.
Trying to fly through the "balloon gate."
Looping in a hang-glider.
You *can* fly through the tunnel, but it's hard.
An air-rescue mission reminiscent of Choplifter.
The scenery is varied and the pleasing.