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Back of box:

    Move over, Tarzan... Jill is here!

    She's beautiful. She's brave. She knows
    her way around a jungle. She is fighting the
    most difficult battle of her life. Can you help
    Jill fend off the horrendous jungle creatures
    and find the hidden mushroom grove?
    It will not be easy. You will encounter snakes,
    giant ants, crabs, ghosts, and more. Learn
    the art of using your knife and spinning blade.
    Find plenty of gems and keys to get through
    the gates and locked doors on every level.
    Fortunately, Jill came prepared for her
    mission. Not only can she run, jump, and
    skillfully use her weapons, but she can actually
    change into other life forms. Find the magical
    secret icons, and guide Jill through the many
    dangerous levels as she changes from a
    flaming bird to a leaping frog to a fish who can
    shoot bullets.
    With sixteen smooth-scrolling levels,
    including the Castle, Arg's Dungeon, and the
    Knight's Puzzle, Jill of the Jungle provides
    hours of thrills for the entire family.

    Jill of the Jungle contains:
    • Outstanding graphics and sound
    • Challenging fun for the whole family
    • No graphic violence
    • Full menu with story line
    • Easy installation
    Jill of the Jungle supports:
    • Sound Blaster & Joysticks
    Don't forget...Jill of the Jungle is READY TO GO!
    making installation easy. Simply insert the diskette,
    type GO, and you're up and running.

    Contributed by DJP Mom (11376) on Apr 13, 2007.

Unknown Source:
    "Available Now!

    Guide the fearless Jill through this immense animated game world. Featuring the vibrant detail of artist John Pallett-Plowright and the whimsical programming of ZZT author Tim Sweeny.

    This 3-volume series features:
    • 256-colored VGA graphics (also works with Ega & Cga)
    • Thundering sound effects, with a Sound Blaster track!
    • Truly huge mega-game worlds.
    • Far better than Nintendo!

        Who says a lady can't slay a few monsters?"

          Taken from Epic Megagames' enclosed digital catalogue

        Contributed by Tomer Gabel (4640) on Jan 22, 2000.