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Jill of the Jungle Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main menu
The Noisemaker
Let the games begin.
Level 1
What is it with Epic Megagames and frogs?
Mazes and puzzles abound
The story
Jill has done it.
Rock with eyes?! It must be a very endangered species...
You can transform into a flamebird by collecting this red symbol. I'm this flamebird on the left.
This is the hardest puzzle in the game, but if you know where are you jumping, it's pretty easy.
Entering a bonus level.
This is a bonus level. There aren't any weapons, but come on - there is only a crab and plenty of apples to collect.
Jill enters Arg's Dungeon, ready to smash rocks!
Jill navigates the phoenix maze in search of keys.
Transformed into a fish, Jill can still spit missles at her enemies.
To get safely through the knight's puzzle, Jill must set levers to render the knights harmless.
As a frog, Jill can spring up to the phoenix icon and ascend higher as the bird.
Another bonus level
This fish bears a certain family resemblance to Dopefish!
Run, Jill, run!
In the cave
This is how Jill Of The Jungle appears in Epic's 1992 catalogue
Episode selection screen
Map (EGA)
First level (EGA)
Crocodiles (EGA)
Apples (EGA)
Frogs (EGA)
On liana (EGA)
Giant and (EGA)
In cave (EGA)
Lava (EGA)
Menu (CGA)
Game starts (CGA)
Go to first level (CGA)
Knife (CGA)
Bird (CGA)
Apple & frog (CGA)
Spikes (CGA)
On liana (CGA)
Giant ant (CGA)

Official Screenshots

  • Jill of the Jungle Screenshot
    Catalogue Advertisements
    Epic Megagames CD-ROM catalogue, 1994