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Journey to the Centre of the Earth! Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The main game menu overwrites the game load screen
The start of a new game. The player cannot go left or right from this screen and must, therefore, go down the hole. Already coins , baddies, and electric barriers can be seen.
At the bottom of the hole going sideways on a conveyor belt
The yellow shields are actually coins that must be collected, its just that they are rotating
Here a secluded corner has been cleared of coins. Also all four legs can be seen
The gun has been fired. It is always fired in the last direction of travel
Even the walls are dangerous, here I was caught by what look like bursts of steam that cost me health points
The game inventory. This limits the number of items that can be carried to 10. The current points total is also shown here
The game records high scores
The high score table