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Judge Dredd Credits

Original Creators

Judge Dredd Created byJohn Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra

Major Motion Picture

StarringSylvester Stallone (as Judge Dredd)


ProgrammersTerry Mancey, Chris Walsh
Executive ProducerTony R. Porter
ProducerJames Stewart
AnimatorsEric Bailey, Lloyd Chidgzey, Darren Goodacre, Pierson Lippard
BackgroundsBlizzard, Steve Middleton, Phil Williams
MusicAndrew Brock
SFXStuart McDonald
Render ArtistsGary Noden, Jason McDonald
Level DesignersSimon Bland, Andrew Cambridge, Benedict O'Reilly
Q.A. TeamClifford Ramsey, Mark Viccary, Craig Kerrison, Nick McGee
Special ThanksSam Johnston, Alex Johnston, Sharon Johnston

Acclaim Black Team

ProducersTyrone Miller, Michael Archer, Douglas Yellin, Pax
AnalystsJames Dunn, C. P. McBee
PC QA/QC SupervisorGil Leong
Lead Technical AnalystEdmund Kok
PC TeamJohn Melendez, Jesus Arozamena, Leigh Busch
Q.A Senior ManagerMike Weiner
Q.A SupervisorCarol Caracciolo
Technical SupervisorHarry Reimer
Q.A Lead AnalystJoseph Mazziotto
Technical Support GroupJohn F. Gonzales, Howard Perlman, Robert Coffey, Greg McGovern
TestersSteve Bremer, Eric Hendrickson, Michael Mazziotto, Adam Ingberman

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (57657)