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Jumpjet DOS Title screen (hi-res EGA)


Published by
Written by  :  CubbyKatz (216)
Written on  :  Dec 20, 2004
Rating  :  2.33 Stars2.33 Stars2.33 Stars2.33 Stars2.33 Stars
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This is basically an arcade game, on your computer

The Good

This game is very simple, you simply play a plane. You control it's altitude, speed, and you can turn it around. You can also fire. There are only about three enemies planes of two sizes and tanks on the ground. You basically fly, and shoot all of your enemies both in front of you, behind you, and on the ground. You have three lives. Basically this is simply a mindless action game.

The Bad

The fact that it's so simple. There appears to be no actual goal in the game or levels. There's no story, either shown in the game or with attached documentation and that type of thing always annoys me. The graphics are very simple, with the background simply consisting of diagonal lines representing mountains.

The Bottom Line

This is a great game to play on the go, or as you're trying to do something else. There's no real point to it, just a simple time killer. Give it a try, it takes almost no hard drive space!