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Jumpjet Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (hi-res EGA)
Mission objectives (hi-res EGA)
Took down that bomber (hi-res EGA)
Shot down in flames (hi-res EGA)
Take that, oil tanker (hi-res EGA)
Destroy the Head of Doom! (hi-res EGA)
A leaping alien? (hi-res EGA)
Hostage rescue mission (hi-res EGA)
Title screen (low-res EGA)
JumpJet spreads mayhem and destruction (low-res EGA)
Returned to base after a successful mission (low-res EGA)
Now go for those tankers (low-res EGA)
Rocket launchers and jumping alien robots, oh my (low-res EGA)
Head to head with the bizarre, bouncing Head of Doom (low-res EGA)
Eat lead, alien scum! (low-res EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Mission objectives (CGA)
Getting ready to take off from base (CGA)
JumpJet attacks! (CGA)
Taken a hit and crashing fast (CGA)
A fiery explosive death for JumpJet (CGA)
Entering the bonus round (CGA)
Bonus round: hunt down those jets (CGA)
Game over (CGA)
Title screen (Hercules)
Mission objectives (Hercules)
A jet, a tank... and death from above (Hercules)
We come in pieces (Hercules)
Bonus round (Hercules)
Fun with saucers and asteroids (Hercules)
Game over (Hercules)
High scores
The game's title screen, shareware version
The Introduction screen showing that the game is entirely keyboard controlled