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Jungle Strike Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Intro Sequence - madman Ibn Kilbaba & druglord Carlos Ortega
Main Menu
First level - Washington D.C. while trying to complete our mission objectives
Second Level -Sub Attack (we can also use different vehicles in some missions, like this hovercraft for example)
One of our info screens: Learn everything about your mission...
Going on a day mission (intro)
Going on a night mission--see the difference? (intro)
Level 4 - Night Strike
Level 9 - Night Strike (you can meet with tanks every time:)
Level 6 - Snow Forest -- the beginning...
Choose a co-pilot.
Level 1 - Taking off.
Getting chewed out for blowing a mission.
Level 1 - Finished the mission.
Level 2 - Near a bridge.
Level 2 - Picking up some Navy Seals.
Level 2 - Dropping off the Navy Seals at a US landing pad.
Level 2 - An enemy sub.
Level 3 - Status screen, Training Camp.
Level 3 - An enemy training camp.
Level 3 - A radar site.
Preface to Level 4 - The madmen have taken a doctor hostage.
Level 4 - Near a guard tower. This is a night mission, and the darkness makes it hard to see.
You rescued Rosalind D. and now you can have her as a co-pilot.
Level 5 - Freeing hostages.
Level 5 - Taking out a drug plant.
Level 5 - The enemy's power grid.
Level 5 - The US landing pad.
Level 6 - Taking out POW building in order to rescue Wild Bill, a downed US pilot.
Level 6 - An enemy chopper.
Level 6 - A mobile radar.
Level 7 - Flying the stealth plane. This baby has unlimited fuel and ammo!
Level 7 - Blowing up a drug field with the stealth plane.
Level 8 - Control tower.
Level 8 - Power station.
Level 10 - Eco Threat level. This is a bonus level elusive to CD ROM release. This level takes place off the shores of Alaska.
Level 10 - Oil tanker. (CD ROM Version)
Level 10 - Destroyed an enemy frigate. (CD ROM Version)
FMV Cutscene - A newscaster receives breaking news. (CD ROM Version)