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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - Windows (US):


    Through the eyes of a Velociraptor, you're just another meal. In this earth-shaking re-creation of the movie, you'll go eyeball to eyeball with T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops as you attempt to restore power to the island and get out safely. JP for the PC isn't just another day in the park: it's nine megabytes of flesh-ripping, full-motion, predatory action.

    Find John Hammond's grandchildren and guide them through various dinosaur paddocks to safety. Explore the Visitor's Center. where raptors guard the corridors. Using your night vision glasses, find your way to the helicopter...will it be there?

    • Thirteen missions test your reflexes and brain power while you battle the deadly beasts.
    • Explore more than 60 detailed interior and exterior sections.
    • Unmatched realism in a unique 3-D environment packed with mazes and landscapes.
    • Advanced real-time texture mapping brings you face-to-face with actual models of 11 savage - and hungry! - dinosaur species.
    • Atmospheric soundtrack and intense SFX add to the excitement that made the movie a box-office smash!

Contributed by jean-louis (52315) on Aug 31, 2019.

Unknown Source:
    (Translated from the back of the Spanish box)

    Treason has turned John Hammond's dream into a living nightmare.

    With the electric fences down and the control systems sabotaged his deadly creations roam free on the Jurassic Park.

    Will you have the courage to face the T-Rex, the deadly Dilophosaurus or the killer Velociraptors? Are you ready to... play in the park?

    Contributed by Casualty (751) on Jan 03, 2001.