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Passwords for all the levelsContributed by Casualty (751) on Jan 10, 2001.

Fortunately, even though the game lacks a save-game feature, you can go straight to a given level using passwords. The passwords have a catch though, every time you install the game, the last 3 digits/characters change, so you'll have to get through the fist episode at least to use the following codes:

B14A5XXX 2nd stage 3B5FBXXX 2.5 0377DXXX 3rd stage 607AFXXX 4th stage EB8FDXXX 5th stage 8B8FFXXX 6th stage AB901XXX 7th stage 4B903XXX 8th stage

XXX stands for the last three digits, and they are the same for all of the passwords.

**Spoiler Warning! Walkthrough - 1st stage**

What you'll have to do in the first stage is find Tim and Lex. Hint: Your strongest weapon is the electric one.

Get out of the pit, and go straight to a computer terminal (movement sensor), use it to open the bunker at the bottom-left of the map. Get the tool kit from the bunker and go to the pit at the top-right of the map. Open the sewer pipe with the tools and get inside. If you had already found Tim, he'll wait outside.

Now you'll have to find an ID card and Lex. The ID card is on the first tunnel to the left. To get Lex out of the sewer you'll have to push (or shock) the box you'll find on the next tunnel to the left all the way to the top-left of the maze, where Lex is (watch out for the croc-like dinosaurs). Get her to climb on top of the box and push her all the way back to the starting point.

Once you've found the ID card and Lex you'll have to find Tim (if you haven't found him already). He appears at a random spot on the map, so you'll have to explore the map to find him. Remember you can't leave without your buddy Superfly... I mean... Tim.

Now go to the top right of the map, where you'll find a door in the fence that you can open with the key-card. Get the last 3 digits you need to use the passwords.

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