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Walkthrough + MapsContributed by B.L. Stryker (22795) on Oct 23, 2004.

Start near wrecked car. End motion sensor terminal to the southwest. From terminal, open bunker door. Head for bunker in southwest corner of paddock. Collect toolbox from inside bunker. Find pipe entrance near starting point. Using toolbox, enter pipe.
DRAINAGE SYSTEM: ---------------
Find keycard (take first left from starting point). Find crate in the northwest part of network. Push crate into water and find Lex in northeast part of network. Push crate over to Lex and she will climb onto it. Take Lex back to starting point in southwest corner.
T-REX PADDOCK #2: ----------------
Find Tim who will be hiding in a random location. With Tim, Lex and the keycard, find gate in northeast corner of paddocks. Walk through gate to exit.
TRICERATOPS PADDOCK: -------------------
The kids have run away - forget them for now. Head for the break in the Triceratops fence to the northwest. Collect as much fruit as possible along the way. Enter the paddock and head north to the entrance to a long channel. Enter the channel and run south. Grant will drop the fruit to delay the Triceratops. The more fruit he drops the longer the Triceratops will be held up. Exit the channel to the south and head east. Drop into enclosure with second big Triceratops. Avoid the Triceratops as it charges. Trick it into ramming the wall to the south. When the wall has collapsed - run south. When clear of the Triceratops turn west and collect a keycard. Using the keycard enter the bunker in the northeast corner.
ACCESS TUNNEL: -------------
Just reach the other end.
STEGOSAURUS PADDOCK: -------------------
Head north using boulders to get up and down high cliffs. Find kids on bridge in the northwest corner of paddock. Head west past the bridge to exit.
GALLIMIMUS PADDOCK: ------------------
Go southwest and find a barrel perched on a cliff edge. Push the barrel off the cliff. Head north to the bunker. The kids will get scared by the stampede and lock themselves in the bunker. Head west into the stampede. Once through it go south to an east-west channel. Drop into the channel and run east, collecting the distress flares on the ground nearby. Use the flares to distract the T-Rex while continuing east. Cross the small ditch by jumping on the broken barrel inside it. Turn and throw a flare into the ditch igniting the barrel's contents. While the T-Rex is stuck behind the flames head east. Find the keycard slightly to the north. Open the tunnel door with the keycard. With the kids in row, exit the paddock by heading west.
DILOPHOSAUR PADDOCK #1: ----------------------
Leave the kids at the main gate. Enter the Dilophosaur paddock via the hole in the ground under the fence. Head northeast and find the motion sensor terminal. From the terminal open the bunker door. Find the bunker (south of the Pterodome) and collect the keycard. With the keycard enter the Pterodome.
PTERODOME #1: ------------
Find the keycard which is hidden underneath eggs in one of the Pterodactyl nests. With the keycard, exit to the east.
BRACHIOSAUR PADDOCK #1: ----------------------
Find the motion sensor terminal in the northwest corner of the paddock. Open the Pterodome door from the terminal. Find all the embryos and Nedry's keycard. With the embryos and the keycard go through the gate in the fence and through the door back into the Pterodome.
PTERODOME #2: ------------
Find a boulder to the west. Push the boulder off the cliff and use it to head north. Find the switch that controls the extending bridge over the river. Shoot the switch and cross the river. Exit the Pterodome to the southwest.
DILOPHOSAUR PADDOCK #2: ----------------------
Follow the jungle path to the west. Find the raft floating in the river and jump onto it. The current will take the raft east out of the paddock.
PTERODOME #3: ------------
Just follow the current for a while. Just before waterfall, jump off the boat on the south bank. Follow the current again.
BRACHIOSAUR PADDOCK #2: ----------------------
Jump off the boat, onto the island in the lake. Use the terminal to open the gate in the fence. Exit through the gate to the southwest corner.
DILOPHOSAUR PADDOCK #3: ----------------------
Go west, looking out for a motion sensor on the way. Use the terminal to open the gate in the fence. Exit the paddock through the gate to the west. Head north to leave through the main gates.
--- From here in the other characters should be able to guide you using the walkie talkies. ---
VISITOR'S CENTER 2 #1: ---------------------
Find ramp up to the Visitor's Center 1 in the southeast.
VISITOR'S CENTER 1 #1: ---------------------
Find entry to the Outside in the south.
OUTSIDE: -------
Find entry to the Maintenance Shed 1 in the north.
MAINTENANCE SHED 1: ------------------
Collect the Night goggles in the northwest. Find ramp down to the Maintenance Shed 2 in the northwest.
MAINTENANCE SHED 2: ------------------
Switch the power on (Power switch is in the north). Find the lift down to the Dark Caves in the west.
DARK CAVES: ----------
Find the lift down to the Pipe Caves in the southeast.
PIPE CAVES: ----------
Find the lift down to the Water Caves in the southwest.
WATER CAVES: -----------
Find the lift up to the Visitor's Center 3 in the east.
VISITOR'S CENTER 3: ------------------
Find the lift up to the Visitor's Center 2 in the north.
VISITOR'S CENTER 2 #2: ---------------------
Find the lift up to the Visitor's Center 1 in the east.
VISITOR'S CENTER 1 #2: ---------------------
Meet Dr. Hammond and the others in the main hall.

Images: (click image to see larger version)

Visitor's Center 2 Map

Visitor's Center 2 Map
Visitor's Center 1 Map

Visitor's Center 1 Map
Outside Map

Outside Map
Maintenance Shed 1 Map

Maintenance Shed 1 Map
Maintenance Shed 2 Map

Maintenance Shed 2 Map
Dark Caves Map

Dark Caves Map
Pipe Caves Map

Pipe Caves Map
Water Caves Map

Water Caves Map
Visitor's Center 3 Map

Visitor's Center 3 Map

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