KGB Credits (DOS)

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KGB Credits


Produced byJean-Martial Lefranc
Designed byJohan K. Robson
Directed byYves Lamoureux
Background GraphicsMichel Rho
Character GraphicsDidier Bouchon
AnimationsSohor Ty
PC Music from the EXXOS CD "Rave/Age" byStéphane Picq
Producer for CryoPhilippe Ulrich
Producer for Virgin GamesDaniel Marchant
Producer for U.S.Robb Alvey
TestersPaul Coppins, Ronald Friedman, Michael Gater, Michael S. Glosecki, Richard Hewison, Danny Lewis, Darren Lloyd, Eugene Martin, Justin Norr, Noah Tool, Tim Williams
Translations Polylang LimitedDanièle Herbulot
Thanks toRémi Herbulot (for the install program and sound routines), Patrick Dublanchet (for character animation)
Special thanks toMartin Alper, Garry Bannister, Louis Beatty, Thierry Braille,  Gorzhul, Frank Hermann, David A. Luehmann, Jean Marc Menou, Jon Norledge, Neil Young
PackagingAndrew Wright
Press ContactCaroline Stoke
US 3.5" Disk Package DesignMick Lowe
US 3.5" Disk PhotographyDod Miller
US CD-ROM release Photo of St. Basils byRex USA Ltd.
US CD-ROM release Photo of Dzerzhinski byReuters/Bettman
US CD-ROM release Photo of Donald Sutherland byMando Gonzales
CD-ROM version featuring as Rukov's fatherDonald Sutherland

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