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The Kingdom of Syree II: Black Magic Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen.
Loading screen.
Main menu/demo screen.
The game starts in Lord Champion's home in Ludden.
Meeting some NPCs in the home town.
Buying provisions.
The overworld.
Approaching a walled town.
A busy tavern.
While many of the NPCs only say stock phrases when addressed, some engage in dialogue with the player, and by entering keywords plot-relevant information may be obtained.
Castle Syree sure is big.
A little chat with the King.
The castle museum is a place to showcase the game's monsters.
And this is the museum curator. She sure looks pretty different from her in-game sprite.
A dungeon entrance in the mountains. Venturing inside without a torch is not advised.
Fighting a snake near a forest.
Snake is hit. This is as much animation as it gets, similar to the early Ultima games.
After some rest at an inn.