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King's Bounty 2 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The main menu screen.
Game loading screen. The text says: "Original idea: Jon Van Caneghem. Everything else: Sergei Prokofiev."
Version information and credits can be viewed at any time.
Start of a game. There's a town to the right, and the pyramid to the left is a creature dwelling. The blue knight is the local feudal lord. For now, he's neutral and won't attack.
Inside a town.
Hiring some troops.
When you've found a treasure chest you can either keep the gold or distribute it among your army for a reputation increase. Sounds familiar.
An overhead map of the current continent is available, showing explored areas.
That warlock just stole all of the player's spells.
Found a new town while travelling by ship.
Carpenters can build bridges like this to allow the player to cross bodies of water. Ships can also pass through bridge tiles.
Scrolls may contain a useful spell but can just as well have adverse effects on the player.
If you're lucky enough to encounter a benevolent wizard, you can get all kinds of useful things from him.