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King's Quest VI: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Credits


Written & Designed byJane Jensen, Roberta Williams
Produced byWilliam D. Skirvin
Directed byJane Jensen, William D. Skirvin, Roberta Williams
Art DesignerWilliam D. Skirvin
ComposerChristopher Braymen
SoundDan Kehler
Additional MusicDan Kehler, Mark Seibert, Richard Spurgeon
Additional Sound EffectsDan Kehler, Mark Seibert, Richard Spurgeon
Text & DialogueJane Jensen
Senior ArtistMichael Hutchison, John Shroades
Team ArtistRussell Truelove, Deanna Yhalkee
AnimatorAlbert Co, Stanley Liu
Additional ArtistsDarlou Gams, Tim Loucks, Richard Morgan, Jennifer Shontz, Cindy Walker, Karin Ann Young
Cinematography byRobert Ballew, Rod Fung
Senior ProgrammerRobert W. Lindsley
Team ProgrammerRobert L. Mallory, Randy MacNeill, Victor Sadauskas
Additional ProgrammingJuan Carlos Escobar, Doug Oldfield
Guidebook DesignerMark Empey
IllustrationJohn Shroades
Quality AssuranceRobin Bradley
Additional Quality AssuranceMichael Brosius, John Ratcliffe
Technical SupportJohn Cunney
Special ThanksTammy Dargan, Rebecca Sebastian


Prince AlexanderRobby Benson
Captain Saladin, Gate, Arch DruidTony Jay
King Graham, Shamir ShamazelJosh Mandel
Pawnshop OwnerDavid Fennoy
NarratorBill Ratner

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Credits for this game were contributed by talestalker (44), Jeanne (76459) and formercontrib (159118)