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Back of Box:
    Your heart pounds as you maneuver toward the fearsom Stone Ogre. Ducking under the wide arc cut by its huge axe, you thrust high and widen the beast's toothy grin. But the Ogre counters, its rusty blade biting through your chainmail and into your right thigh. The wound isn't much, but as the battle wears on, it and your heavy mail make every move more fatiguing.

    Desperately, you slash at the Ogre, driving it back, and earning yourself a moment's rest. Taking a deep breath, you lunge at the Ogre -- hitting it right between its squinty eyes! The monster staggers, then fails. Wiping the sweat from your brow, you scan the field for your next foe...

    A Captivating World . . .
  • Experience the thrill of battle. Aim every blow, feel every wound, and discover the fatigue that can be as lethal as a sword blow.
  • Meet the fascinating residents of Ashtalarea. Learn their faces, listen to their stories. They all have their own tale to tell.
  • Prepare for the elements -- the harsh rains and blizzards are as dangerous to your company as a band of vicious Cliff Trolls.

    . . . with Bold Adventurers . . .
  • Become a brawny Krag Barbarian, a stalwart Tegal Amazon, or a winged Kelded Far Seeker. Choose from four races and more than 40 different classes.
  • Adventure with up to six companions, chosen from any characters you've created - or invite your friends to join with their own.
  • Watch your characters suit up for battle, choosing from hundreds of combinations of weapons and armor.
  • Learn spells from a master sorcerer, then change them to suit your needs - the power of a spell, its effect, its range, even its name.

    . . . Is Only the Beginning!
  • In this box, you'll explore the expansive Realm of Ashtalarea, but the innovative modular design of Knights of Legend, allows the development of future realms of adventure.
  • Hundreds of unique quests and subquests, with their own challenges and rewards.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76375) on Oct 07, 2002.

1991-92 Origin Product Catalog:

    Since childhood you’ve marvelled at the gallant knight standing tall in his shining armor before his hopelessly fallen foes. Now you can drink deep of the adventure of knighthood, as you sally forth into Ashtalarea, where you will face 24 different quests designed to test your mettle.

  • Choose from hundreds of combinations of armor, weapons and spells.

  • Adventure with up to 6 companion travellers, chosen from among 4 different races of beings and 40 classes of skill.

  • Interact with many inhabitants of the land; learn their faces; listen to their tales.

  • Delight to the friendly and attractive interface that makes playing the game a sheer joy.


    Contributed by Jeanne (76375) on Oct 04, 2002.