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Knights of Legend Credits

61 people (47 developers, 14 thanks)


Created byTodd Mitchell Porter
Programmed byTodd Mitchell Porter
ProducerDallas Snell
Associate ProducerAlan Gardner
Additional ProgrammingArvin VanZante
Graphics / ArtworkDenis R. Loubet, Todd Mitchell Porter, Daniel Bourbonnais, Glen Johnson, Keith Berdak, Jeff Dee
Combat SystemsDavid Barnes, Aaron Porter, Todd Mitchell Porter, Arvin VanZante
LanguagesJeff Groteboer
Magic SystemsDavid Barnes, Todd Mitchell Porter
TownsDavid Barnes, Jeff Groteboer, Aaron Porter, Todd Mitchell Porter, Pat VanZante
Figure & Shield EditorSteven Muchow
PlaytestingJohn Aslin, Richard Bandstra, Tom Boucher, Steve Cantrell, Dan Coughlin Jr., Erin D. Roberts, Simon Elms, Kirk Hutcheon, Jonathan Lamy, Paul Malone III, Joel Manners, Jon Nials, Marc Schaefgen, Libby VanZante, Peter VanZante, John Watson, Christopher Whiteside
IBM VersionGary Scott Smith, Naser Jannati, Tomi Petrovic, Steven Muchow, Mario Grimani
Player's HandbookJeff George, Michael A. Nystul
Player's Handbook EditingWarren Spector, Todd Mitchell Porter
Interior ArtRuben Soriano
Player Reference CardWarren Spector, Jon Nials
Documentation Layout and GraphicsLori Ogwulu, Cheryl Neeld, Mike Harrison, Sabrena Allen, Douglas Wike, Ruth Bolduc
PhotographyRay Studios, Daniel Bourbonnais
Map of AshtalareaFrey Graphics
Dedicated toRichard Bandstra, Forest Dale Replogle
Thanks ToAl Evans, Celeste Evans, Gerald Farr, Mike Farris, Alan Gardner, Richard Garriott, Robert Garriott, Dave Huffman, Paul C. Isaac, Lori Perry, Doris Porter, Dallas Snell

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (62000), Belboz (6583), formercontrib (158603) and Bob Gregg (6)