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Knights of Xentar (DOS)

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Written by  :  Zovni (10638)
Written on  :  Apr 08, 2003
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars3.83 Stars

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Sex, Dragons and Rock 'n Roll!!

The Good

An (illegal?) port of a classic japanese role playing game, Knights of Xentar stands today as a very interesting game that went sadly overlooked at it´s time. The main gameplay premise is the same as in many other console rpgs, you control a party of 3 typically stereotyped characters (you, the courageous and slightly offbeat hero, the sexy but powerful mage that doubles as romantic interest and the baddass super-strong warrior) and navigate them around a top-down world talking to npcs and battling enemies as well as solving quests (usually go kill X baddie) and buying new equipment and weaponry.

If it sounds cliche then you are absolutely right, but the fact is that the game lifts things up with plenty of funny dialogues and situations as well as interesting locations to explore and optional quests to solve. The combat system is semi-pasive, with you issuing commands in the form of stances and agression levels and watching as your characters fight around in a lateral 3rd person perspective similar to other classic rpgs like the early SNES FF games. Surprisingly enough the fights are varied and hardly ever become frustrating, quite a feat considering the amount of random fights you have to endure in the main map and dunegon crawls as well as the requisite boss fights!

The graphics are slightly dated and can feel downright obsolete, but the play area is quite large and the graphics all have that cutesy super-deformed animé style that manages to overcome all technical difficulties and still be functional. Of course, the graphics loose the SD look in the hentai scenes which (lest I forget) are actually a nice addition to the game.

What´s that? You didn´t know Knights of Xentar is a hentai game?? Oh, well then you´ll be glad to know that Xentar can also excite your overworked hormones with a plethora of gratituous sexual situations! You see, in this game you finally get real rewards when you rescue the many damsels in distress, namely the hot 2D static animé bodies of said damsels, which include every classic animé hentai fetish like the nymphomaniac slave, the virginal princess, the cat-woman (gotta love those cat chicks!) and the chick that has sex with a penis-endowed tree (what, you´ve never heard of that one??) among many other.

The sex is also evident in the many dialogues in the game and while most of the time it´s just crude, it does make for an unique experience and the whole thing ends up not taking itself too seriously (a clever idea that helps mask the cliched plot) and results in a very good parody of classic fantasy rpgs. Didn´t you ever wish you could fuck the beautiful princess you are supposed to save? Or tell some annoying guard to shove his sword up his ass? Or screw that stupid innkeeper´s daughter?? Well, in that case Knights of Xentar is your game!

The Bad

Soundwise the game is anything but memorable (tough I seem to recall a partially talkie cd version...). The game also ends up being very cliched in most regards, with your typical ancient evil that returns and ancient prophecy and bla, bla, bla...

The Bottom Line

A rather good console rpg ported to the pc that happens to have plenty of sexual situations and wins by not taking itself to seriously. Sick and tired of getting stupid innane magical swords and defeating ancient evils and fulfilling prophecies? Well they are here too, but you get to curse around a lot and ridiculize all those medieval fantasy elements while getting yourself some nice animé ass in the way.

And heck, at the very worst it´s just a nice example of a sub-genre that has barely ever made it out of Japan (with the prime examples being the Dragon Knight series of which this game is a part of or other classics such as Mad Paradox), prime collecting material folks.