Knights of Xentar (DOS)

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Written by  :  Oleg Roschin (181731)
Written on  :  Jul 15, 2003
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars2.83 Stars

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Nothing satisfying here except humorous writing

The Good

Adult RPG is a genre virtually unknown in the West, save for Cobra Mission and this game. Like the rest of hentai industry, this genre is represented by particularly crude and unimaginative design, compared to which regular Japanese RPGs seem like the epitomes of sophistication.

The one good thing in Knights of Xentar is, curiously, the English translation. The writing is surprisingly good, so good in fact that I found myself interested in the dialogues way more than in anything else in this game. Those conversations can get very funny, and it seems than the creators' inspiration for silly jokes can never be drained. Whatever Desmond or his sidekicks Rolf and Luna say is almost guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

The real-time battle system is somewhat fun, though it is woefully simplistic. In order to spare you the tedium of "clicking" attacks, the game assigns you a role of a party manager. Basically, you watch the battles, interfering when you want to cast a spell, use an item or change your strategy (at this point, the game pauses automatically). You don't have to care about simple physical attacks - Desmond and Rolf will do it for you. You control Luna with her offensive and healing spells, items, and basic attack choices: there are eight attack gauges, from the weakest to the strongest. The stronger your attack is, the more time you need to perform it - but the damage will be higher, of course.

Elf is generally among the less offensive hentai developers; in this game, like in most of their titles, the adult content does not go beyond erotic pictures. Sexual situations are strongly implied and described, but not shown on screen. And I suppose we should thank this particular Japanese developer for not including a tentacle rape scene in this game.

The Bad

Knights of Xentar is a very basic Japanese RPG, with means incessant random battles, automatic leveling up, simplistic customization and all the other limitations of the genre. It is extremely bare-bones, sorely lacking those extras that made the Final Fantasy games of its time rewarding. Formulaic to the extreme, it takes you on uneventful trips punctuated by maddeningly frequent fights during which nothing is required besides having the right level, the latest equipment, and occasional quick interference on the player's part.

Dungeon design is horrendous. After having wandered on a plain, needlessly zoomed-in world map, tired of never-ending pointless battles, you are forced to go through linear, featureless corridors offering more of the same. Like most other hentai RPGs, Knights of Xentar is aesthetically displeasing. There is not a single interesting or even colorful location in the game. The visuals, despite a certain fake 8-bit charm, are utterly amateurish and unattractive, lacking detail and taking the sadly known blockiness of the Japanese video game art of the time to the next level.

Since this is a Japanese adult game, the erotic scenes are, by and large, completely meaningless. The quantity of Desmond's amorous encounters is hardly matched by their quality. The women are, as always in this type of games, too similar - they behave more or less the same, and they even look the same. I haven't met even one girl with normal breasts in Land of Xentar - silicon must be a popular product there. There are no real situations preceding an erotic adventure - they all appear out of nowhere, as obligatory part of a town quest, all resembling each other, without a real purpose.

The Bottom Line

Knights of Xentar really has only one thing going for it - the vivid, humorous writing. Everything else in the game is quite forgettable. Seeing as this is one of the most solid hentai RPGs gameplay-wise, it would be advisable to disregard this sad sub-genre altogether.