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The Kristal Credits (DOS)

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The Kristal Credits


From the Stage Play 'THE KRISTAL OF KONOS' (1976) byRodney Wyatt, Michael Sutin
With original music byRodney Wyatt, Mickey Keen
Adapted from the original script byMichael Sutin
Gameplay adapted byGiulio Zicchi, Michael Haigh, Justin Garvanovic, Alex Mills, Michael Sutin, Rodney Wyatt
With grateful thanks for his introduction toPatrick Moore
Art DirectorMichael Haigh
Planets byDavid A. Hardy
Background screen design byMichael Haigh
Sprite design byChris Petts, Rodney Wyatt, Julian Edkins
Animation byChris Petts, Julian Edkins
Fight Direction byNeill Glancy
Fight coordination byIan Clemmett
Programming directorAlan Butcher
Programming Team (Impossible Projects)Ian Clemmett, Alan Butcher
TraineeNoggin the Dog
Scroll byArmande de la Bije
Box art & design byPeter Andrew Jones, Solar Wind Ltd.
Space travel byIJC Inter-Galactic Travel Ltd.
Novella byRodney Wyatt
Very Best boyPaul Gerber
Next Best boyMurphy Moore
ContinuityPaul Procter
Key gripGiulio Zicchi
Special EffectsGiulio Zicchi (LLDF), Chris Petts (DLLDF)
Flower arrangement, wigs & make-upMichael Sutin (Perhaps the better of the two....???)
With grateful thanks toJ. San & the Argonauts, Eidersoft, Nick, Ab, Frakie, 2Bit Systems, Boris the Butler, Richard, Mark Pearce, Renfield, Sara, Feri, Chops, Charlie, Sarah, Dan, Bob, Tiff, Sal
Special help fromDavid Bishop
Oh yes! and by the way, thanks to the games testersAndrew Marrable, Peter Dwyer, Michael Fedarb, Paul Procter, Alex, Simon, Piers
Special acknowledgement for his patience with the rest of us toGiulio Zicchi
Special thanks toSteven Spielberg (for keeping away), George Lucas (for keeping away), Baron Steven Bentinck (for being), Gail E. Haley (for making the original Gloop), Dave Elmon (for being Gloop), Peter Rackham (Sound Suite Studios), Elaine Paige, All the musicians and members of the London casts of Hair & Superstar, Nova Cars, Glyn Dawson (for original caligraphy style), Andrew Collins (for the Kristal logo), Mat Irvine (for the models), Mike Sutin (for Magno), Robin Hood, King Arthur, Errol Flynn, The 3 Musketeers, Flash Gordon, Pirates & Swashbucklers, The Universal Subconscious, Everybody's Mum
ProducerMark Pearce
Executive ProducerGeoff Young
Directed byMichael Sutin

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