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Kronolog: The Nazi Paradox Credits

34 people


DesignerJohn Henson
Executive ProducerWayne Cressman
Story Concept / AuthorShannon Rider
Original MusicRandolph Tallman
Sound DesignRandolph Tallman
Art DirectionLinda Blase
Software EngineeringSteven Goodman, Thomas Stephens
Computer Graphics ArtistsJay Brame, Brett Hopkins, Michael Holt, Bobby Jennings
Associate WriterWayne Cressman
Script ConsultantJohn Logan
Assistant WritersLinda Blase, Michael Holt, Bobby Jennings
A/DI(tm) System DesignerShannon Rider
Test ManagersLinda Blase, William Beeson
ActorsDon Eitner (as Mark Hoffmann), Bram Franklin (as Jack Jamisson), Mary McCullough (as Eva Netzel), William Beeson (as Melchior Grossman), Dennis Vincent (as Ian McNeely), Clay Houston (as Phillip Hoffmann), Susan Sleeper (as Serena Morrissey), Mack Elliott (as Eric Latimore), Randy Moore (as Reinhardt Schmidt), Les Tarkington (as No-Kah-Wat), Kristina Houston (as Luisa Neosho), Jac Alder (as Aaron Livingston), Karl Schaeffer (as Clint Bush), Wayne Cressman (as Father Cruz)
Voice TalentJeff Bassett, Gene Gonzales, John Henson, Pam Hurst Hoffmann, Clay Houston, Kristina Houston, Lynn Mathis, Mary McCullough, Carolyn McCormack, Annette Savage, Karl Schaeffer, Randolph Tallman, Casey Temple
TestersJay Brame, Wayne Cressman, Bo Davis, John Henson, Michael Holt, Brett Hopkins, Bobby Jennings, Shannon Rider, Morris Stevens

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