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atari warlords

Kronolog: The Nazi Paradox Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen (with a collection of papers explaining the game's chronology)
Title screen for German release "Red Hell"
Here you are introducing yourself.
Check out the symbols on that crazy computer.
A coin! So that's what that pixel was...
Even Nazis need protection.
Oops! Seems like someone wants to execute your son.
Your headquarters at Hoffman Envirotek.
Your inventory.
A little rundown on recent historic events.
Your lab hides some nasty secrets, looks like you aren't so pro-Nazi after all...
Your son and his babe.
He's talking about roaches, you don't suppose he will...
...Awww man!!
The game uses a simple black screen with plain text to cover the location switches.
You'll be seeing that pop-up window a lot believe me.
Making yourself a nasty weapon...
A female scientist that isn't a supermodel??? Wow!!
New clothes, new locations.
Making a makeshift counterweight system... eat that MacGyver!
Heeeeey duuuuuuudeeee!
Yeaaaah!! That's some goood stuff man!! Major smoke-trip dude!!
Incoming Tomahawk!
Stating the obvious...
Hey there Red baron!
Bush and booze.
I come for your funeral Schmidt!!
Goodbye church!! Yeah baby!
Sayonara schmuck!
NADA-net allows you to check up a number of services.