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La Colmena Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

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La Colmena's auction
Is your turn...
Question failed, better luck next time
Hmm... your rival :)
Now, she have to kiss your shoulder
Computer's turn
Great, now you have to put an ice ulna in her neckline
I'm in computer's territory, I have to surrender to one of these proofs :P
"Unbutton and button his fly" (The game is replete of games like these)
You have to find her bluse height
Computer has lost 1500$ playing against the bank
Oops, you have to take off your shoes
Don't worry... you can't catch a cold
"Make your bets... please."
Show to the world the master that you are
Let's roll!
Damn... this roulette hates me :(
Computer (as a female) have to realise one proof
No bad-thinking... it says "Suck his thumb finger"
No shoes... no panties... no blouse... game is getting hotter and hotter!, so to see more... you must try the game ;)